A 13 meter façade custom designed embossed metal in 1965 style with rounded and smooth lines. 150 square meters with 1870 solid oak Haussmanien herringbone parquet floors meeting a walkway of four toned blue Winckelmans sandstone tiles.

Christophe Saintagne wanted his kitchen out of the basement, naturally lit and with a view onto the world.

Adjacent to the main dining room, there is intimate calming banquet nook in dark blue. It is a small convivial dining room where one can gather friends around a table – a 400 kilogram rough cut block of Carrara marble.

The rest of the space is devoted to 45 seats with a Nordic looking installation of brass-framed oak tables. Napkins are pure softness. The porcelain tableware from the French Pillivuyt manufacture, furthers the feeling of elegance. The ceramic/porcelain dessert bowls from Vaidava Ceramics add a simple touch.

Mirrors above the benches reflect light and let one see and be seen.